The difference between bonus and commission pay check ! ( For the managers )

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

sales-hookThese day and age most of all the sales job are paid by commission ! I do not believe that it is a good idea not today ! Bosses of today uses that form of pay check because they say :  all salesmans are going to work harder and faster ! But what if the commision of the salesman becomes a survival commission then the salesman gets less and less willing  to work as a team ! Here are the positive and negative of both sides !

Commission : equal  =  low based salary plus 15 percent commission !

Positive : A ) it will push the salesman to work harder

That is it !!!!!!!

Negative : A ) salesman will work alone with out helping no one but himself

B ) Will alway be fights between 2 salesman that saw the same client = bad atmoshere !!!!!!

C ) if base salary too low ! if there are no clients will do nothing else that is not in is job description  ( why should he he is not paid to clean the place up or to wash cars )

D ) you will loses the good one for a competitior that pays more the first chance he gets ! ( after you go to train a new guy ! wow that is profitable ! )

E )  He will get less confident and be uptight ! ( that is called a survival paycheck ) clients will feel him pushing for the sale and thinking only of his pocket !!!!!!


Bonus : equals = higher salary  plus a bonus that will motivate him 100 times more !


Positive : A) Will help the team sale more ! why he wants that bonus thats why !

B) since he is better paid he can concentrate on sales not on survival !!!! ( can ‘ t be at your best if you can ‘ t eat right !!!! )

C ) Better atmoshere in the place !

D ) He will do on the side work ! ( that is not in his job description )

negative : A) if he is lazy will push less on sales ! ( if so you fire is lazy ass ! that your boss as a sales manager period ! )


So this is what i feel the future as to go on  since there are less good salesman on this earth !


M.T.G.D ( Making today great day )


Benny and the jets !!!





Signs that will tell you that you are going tp the top !!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

b1Hi !! happy halloween !

Here is one that you will like ! What are the signs that your near the top ! ( based on a actual fact that is happening as we are speaking ) Today one of my competitors actually is stealing my sales pitch to my clients ! at first i was a bit mad because salesman who lacts imagination and don t have the guts to find there own identity will take yours and hope that it will work for them aswell !


Here are the caracteristics that tells you your going places !


A) Each time your thinking of something new they becomes copycats !

B) Lying becomes part of their speaches

C) Discrediting you will become a daily routine

D) better you improve your product and publicity copycats strikes back again !


So the lesson here do your best let them hang themselfve with their rope ! Become even better show the client you know their product better than them and they will shoot a bullet in their own foot 🙂 !


don t forget our catch phrase !  M ( aking )T( oday )G (reat) D(ay )


Benny and the jets !!!!!

Are you overselling your product ! ( good or bad )

Thursday, September 5, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

mentalGood evening i’m back from my vacation ! Here is a nice topic for this month ! are you overselling your product ! if so do you know the good and bad things that will happen !!!!

I have done a lot of experiments over these last 20 years and here is what i come up with !

Good section :

– You get the client to be very excited !

– You get the sell !

– You get knowed for your positive attitude !

– competition hates your guts like hell !


You say its all good right wrong !! here are the negative side of it ! Don ‘t forget all of the products are built and made by humans so ! mistakes will be made and will make yours clients very very mad !

Bad section :

– if it breaks some client wil call you a bull….. ( too exited clients you will get there hopes very high )

– one happy client will tell a few people ! an angry client will tell the world !

– you will have great warranty problems because they will find defects that you didnt see !

–  The competition will used that to discredit you !


So take my advice explain the product for what it is and tell them about the advantage but !! Don t bring  them on cloud nine !




Benny and the jets !!!!

Are you a true salesman ! What is a true salesman !

Thursday, June 20, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

true salesToday i sold an item 2012 that we had for 2 years ! A brand new one cost 400 bucks less ! Plus its a 2014 with new options . I tryed to get a good deal to the client but the big boss said : ‘ if he needs it now  sell it at 15 points ! So i was mad and i said to my self : i will sell a new one make more money and let it rust here !! Naaaaa not a good idea since i am the sales manager !

But most of you are saying : hey its your job ! just do it !

I sold it at 15 points ! And i delivered the goods on the spot !


How did it make me feel !


A) Like i was not honest with the client  ( its my reputation that can suffer ! )

B) in 16 years i have sold 28 000 000 dollars and its the first tioe i feel crummy like hell !

C) Stomach was overturning inside why you say its important to sell and always take note of the market and prices so if  you are in the average you will never feel like that !

D) Don t forget yes your boss signs your pay check but the client will always be your paycheck !


So lesson here i ve learned today  is its ok  for me to feel like that  a true saleman that wants a growing clientele needs to be honest and true to the bisness and toward all clients !

That is a real and true salesman !




Benny and the jets !!!!!!



What kind of General manager are you ! ( a lion or a teddy bear )

Thursday, April 25, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

Perception1I have encounter many general managers  in my life ! Boy some were puppets that was waiting for answer and directive from upper management and some took matters in their own hands ! But witch one are you ! There are 2 choices a lion or a teddy bear !

Situation upper management are making bad choices on top bad choices they hire you to clean the place up !  they give you no leverage what so ever !!!  

Here are the major differences between both !


Lion : – makes clean cut decisions and stands by them what ever the consequences !

             – Has respect from the president because he knows hats he is doing  !

             – Always fights for good employees  when needed !

             – He keeps an atmosphere of work pleasant and gives pats on backs to thanks employees !


Teddy bear : – waits for decision from upper management never takes initiative of his own not to unplease upper management !

                           – Says to employees after a decision its me who took this decision to try to get respect from employees ! 

                           – always gets pass thru a grinder by upper management for their bad decisions !

                          –  He his always in a ejection seat !

                         –  Never fights for his employees in front of the boss ! but after the president is gone says he did !


So the lesson here is do your job show and get the  respect that you deserve !




Benny and the jets !


Is your Boss always firing his employees or himself !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

Me atthe Office In these day in age a boss is very demanding ! He will always ask an employee to do 20 jobs a the same time ! But after that an employee says to him : you should do it that  way and you will have greater results i think ! A boss will always want to do it his way ! But what do you do call a boss  that always fires employees for his decision !!!! For me that is called :  a boss firing himself  !

But how can you protect yourself from that !

A) take notes of every meeting with your advice ! ( date ,  hour and the subject )

B) Remind him after his decision that it is his decision ! ( say :  so you want me to do this like that  right ! just remember that you wanted it this way ok , after you smile !)

C) Remind him your suggestion another time ! ( Maybe it will pass better the 2 time arround ! )


So the lesson here is back your back ! Be sharp and aware of all his decisions !




Benny and the jets !!!!