Does your boss changes his employees too much !

Friday, March 29, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

trailer clientThese days a lot ceo thinks that it is ok to change all the staff when things are not the way they want ! In 2013 this is a fatal mistake that will cost them sales and clients !W hat does clients want today and very important what do they desire ! here are the questions that you need to know !

Here is what they want !

A) The same face that they like when they come to your store ! ( to many changes will tell them that a boss can t keep is employees happy so they are leaving ! )

B) they want to feel like they are part of a family ! ( remember cheers the tv show ! ( the song said : you want to go where everybody knows your name !!!!! )

C) an experience team ! ( bad advice equals bad bisness )


So the lesson is pay your employees right and treat them with respect and you will keep you team ! don`t forget it always cost less a path on a back them a raise !!!!




Benny and the jets !!!!!


Can you handle a claim from a angry client ! Part 5

Thursday, March 21, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

ANGRYWhy does claim personnel crack under the pressure ! You got to face it client are getting harder and harder to please i should know i live it everyday !

Here is my advice to you before going in sales or claims department !

A) don ‘ t take it personal ! ( its already hard on yourself don’ t make it worse ! )

B) listen to them in order to help them ! ( they will tell you what makes them angry !)

C) you can satisfy everybody ! ( no matter how hard you try there are some clients that will never be happy ! )

D ) do your best for yourself ! ( client can’ t be happy if your not convince yourself ! )

E) always smile ! ( a smile can and will go a long way ! )


This is my phrase i always said if a client says services sucks ! :

Well we always try to do our best !one thing in life i learned is ‘ you can satisfy everybody because we all have different perception in situations but i always do my best to help ! how may i help you today !

So the lesson is be cool , listen and just let the client know that you are here to help him !



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Is internet killing your bisness !

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

competitionIn the years 2013 people clients shops a lot by internet ! But what is it doing to your bisness ! Today people will buy 3 hours away just to save 75 bucks . What you don t believe me ! Think  about the last thing you bought far away and why !

Here is what to do in order to get the clients to come and see you !

A) Have a great web site user friendly ! ( too hard people wont even bother !)

B) Always have a base model well design at a low price ! ( why without no lost leader they wont even come meet you ! )

C) Don t put all the info ! Let them call ! ( or they will only copy it and bring it to your competitor !)

D) Have a salesman that knows what they are talking about ! ( i always get mad if a salesman  feeds  me bad info !)

E) Give many prices on the phone so they don t have a choice but to come and meet you !


The lesson here is they got to come and meet you !!!! Make them come !




Benny and the jets !!!!



Aggravation Sells !!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

We have all been aggravated once in a while with the things we are buying ! We like our toys to work ! But sometimes installation is hell on earth !! so why don’ t we use that has an argument to sell !!

Here is a nice exemple !

Clients come in to buy vertical blinds for his house ! There is one at seven bucks and the other at eleven , they both look the same but they are very different in a way !!

A) One is in plastic and the other is in polyeurethane ( polyeurethane is tough it won ‘ t bent easy )

B) The major reason is installation the 11 bucks one has quick plug easy installation ! the 7 dollars one is brackets that you got to srew it all up ! ( takes 2 hours to do )

So explain the aggravation of the time and hell it is the installation and best of all make him live it in his mind ! he will take the 11 bucks one because its easy and tough !

So the lesson the client has got to learn is you pay for the quality you get ! Agravations sell ! Thrust me !


Benny and the jets !!!!!!




Why can a client be angry ! ( warranty )

Wednesday, February 6, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

angryWe all know that after buying something a client can get pretty angry at the service or part departement ! But what can make a client angry liek that ! Well that is simple and part of that is related to the boss ! Wow why you say ! simple A boss always tries to get an employee for the least amount of money ! They want the best but the cheapest they can get it for . What are the consequences !

A) a employee paid minimum wadge will not give more that he gets ! ( why should he ! he says )

B) an employee that starting won’ t always know what he is talking about ! And when he gets good well as all stories tell they go elsewhere for higher pay !    So most of the time its never the same guy ! ( that gets the clients boiling mad )

C) an employee on minimum wadge as most of the time money problems ! ( consequence bad attitude at work ! )

For all those reasons people gets mad ! So lesson here for the bosses get somebody with experience and pay him well because he will become a pillar in your bisness and will always get new ideas that will be very profitable !

Have a great night !


Gd the consultants saying to you ! M (aking ) T(oday ) G(reat ) D(ay )

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Convincing your client to buy locally ! Easy and true

Sunday, January 27, 2013
posted by Benoit Gravel

customer-service_0822_12The best way to convince people appart from just pricing is easy ! Tell him that they will always come first ! But what do i mean by that !                                                                      Here is a simple exemple of what you got to say !

Me : Yes i know price is good ! but there is one thing i always do for my clients !

client : really what is that !

Me : we pass always our clients first ! Well we have  clients that also comes from other dealers that sold the same unit that caomes here for service but our clients pass first always  !

client : what you don’ t repair the clients that comes from other places !

Me : Of course !!!!! But its only normal that our clients that came here passes first ! Let say you bought it elsewhere but it broke thursday and you needed saterday well if you bought it here you pass first if not and there are 5 other clients at the same time  well  …… you won’ t have it for saterday !

Client : that ‘ s not right !!( not all clients will say that but some will !)

Me : Sir or miss ! in order to keep our clients locally its important to give a top notch service to our clients that beleives in us .

Me : By buying elsewhere here is what it cost you if you go for your sevice further away

A) The gaz to go there

B) the time you will loose

C) plus all the troubles ( lunch for the kids , traffic , waiting over there !)

D) lost of work why do i say that well service ain’t open on week end and we all work !!!!!

So here is what to say to close him that is true : For the price i will be close ! so what is your ideal budget !



Benny and the jets !!!!