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Clients R US ( part 2) Got to read this !!

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

As I spoken last time you can meet a ( hyper active guy ) !! Today I met my greatest challenge since a while :  this guy had it all he was ( arrogant , hyper active , and really a pain in the ….. )

A) he wanted to know price alot of them so i said to him : sit down sir i have questions for you !! the answer  was very blury !!! but still i got a budjet and a little what he wanted

B) Very agressive and talked loudly so i talked slowly  with a lower tone a voice it  ( he regressed after 2 min )

C) I went outside and he wanted to all the trailers he  asked  me for a deal : do you have a used or a deal  i dont want a new you understand !!!! arrogantly

D) That was it i had it : i told him YES I DO come this is what you want and what you need stop looking at the others cause it s not what you are looking for !!!

E) i went inside to my office and closed him : Listen  this is a new but 2008 trailers with a complete warranty it was at 7246. 00 $ you want  it !!!! 5500 $ the offer ends now !!!! (A client likeTHAT is a pain so  even if you lose him not a big thing so you put pressure on him now now !!!! )

closing line : That is your budjet and you won t find anything elsewhere like this why like you said sir !! it s been 2 years you are looking !! So what is your name that i put on the contract and how you will be paying this !!! He sais visa !




4 Responses to “Clients R US ( part 2) Got to read this !!”

  1. Just wanted to give you a shout from the valley of the sun, great information. Much appreciated.

  2. With all the cold snow I have had as lately I am stuck inside , fortuitously there is the cyberspace, cheers for giving me something to do

  3. Wai Gloff says:

    I imagine you hear and read this a lot: Thanks, cheers

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