Are you a team player ? and why ? ( Important )

Monday, May 16, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Good evening ,today i saw a lot of things that  made me mad !! So i m going talk to you about (why you got to be a team player !) Since you can always be there ! you need the help of your co – workers . Here are my advice to be always on top !!!

A) Be always cool with your fellow salesman cause if your not there (*they will not steal you !)! How do you ask ? Simple if there is a client ready to buy do a partnership with them go half and half on the commission

B)try to compromise on the days off , if you take easter , try to let patriot day to another why ? your not the only one that has a family life !!The me, myself and I routine  will make everybody hate you !!! 

C) Be nice and try to bond a happy work place is always good if you want to succed !

So lesson here is like my mentor said is : the best always does it with class !!!


From : Benny and the jets !!

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