Can you handle a claim from an angry client ? ( Part 3 )

Monday, May 9, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel


Hi everybody !!  Here is part 3 of of to handle a claim  and make a sale a the same time !!!! This is a situation that can be reverse from an angry client to a Sale !! No joke this works  !!

We all remember the 3 steps from part 1 of my blog right ? right after you do the 3 steps what you can do his ask him if exemple : is your enclosed cargo trailer to your standarts or big enough cause , i can buy from you and sell you my new model !!

A ) after that saying let him think a little bit

B) come back and tell him the new model cost this much and i could buy yours because alot of people is looking for a used not that old !!

C) Don t forget to pad yourself don t drop your price to low cause : you don t want to buy his at cost of what he would sell his on the market !!! Why got to think of the warranty and resale value so his will sale quick ( don t be greedy )

So stay sharp and don t forget the best does it with class !!!

M( aking ) .T(oday ) , G( reat ) , D ( ays )

From :  Benny and the jets !!!

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