Don`t destroy their shopping experience !!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

If you are in retail there is one thing you can not do !!!! Alot of client are gonna ask you questionsthat maybe is gonna put you over the edge if you are having a bad day ! this is what just happen to me this week end !!

I was with my girlfriend and i stop buy a nice mall that had one store with rock bands clothing so when i entered i was happy and was in a hurry to buy stuff !!! So the manager did n t greet me and had a bad day in was showing !!( first mistake )

I asked her because there was alot of stuff i wanted (question : ) if i buy 300 or 400 bucks is there a special promotion ? She reply : Sir most of the people that came here don t ask for rebate !!!!!! 

result : I FELT CHEAP FOR ASKING AND IT TOOK OUT ALL THE FUN OUT OF MY EXPERIENCE !!! WHY : ( in many stores their are always promotion or tax free if you buy for an amount !! She should have told me sorry not at this time and it would ve been it !

I bought just what i needed : a gift , a wallet and a training bag total : 115 bucks !!! she lost 300 dollars because of her attitude !!!wow

So here is the dammage : 

A) i was deceived

B) she lost alot money in sales

C) and i am not going to shop there again

D) and i am not recommending the store to all my friends

So the lesson here is don `t destroy  their shopping experience it will cost you big and i will be calling her boss witch  i know a little to tell him that !

Stay sharp i believe in you !


From : Benny and the jets !!!

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