The keys to a successfull salesman !!( part 4)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Todays lesson is an easy one to do !! But not easy in reel life ! You remember i told you go the extra mile in one of my chronicles !! I see everyday salesman and sales women are thinking about their pockets first and that is a big no no !If you do that here is what will happen !

A) it will show soon or later and you will loose all the clients that you have !

B) another competitor will sworn in your place leaving you out in the cold !

C) it will only give you money now not in the long run !! people talk to each other by the way !

D) they will not  give your name as supplier   !

So the lesson here is think twice before thinking only about yourself !!! Don ‘ t forget these words my dad tought me  the best always does it with class ! ( thanks dad your the best  !)

M(aking ) T(oday )G(reat )D ( ay ) ( our saying )

Beny and the jets !!! That is me !

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