What is follow ups in sales ? ( consulting )

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

There is one thing that salesmans always forgets in their career and the word is follow ups  !Calling back a client after a first encounter or phone call or  e-mail is very important ! But why ?

You got to do it to keep the spark alive or the client will forget he wants it !!! If you don’t do it what will the client think ! Here are the scenarios in his or her mind !!!

A) I already have  bad service and i did nt buy anything yet !

B) Lack of interest : he doesn’ t want to sell to me !!

C) He forgot about me !!

So lesson here is call them back you may have 50 percent chance of selling on the spot !!


Benny and the jets !!!

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