Are you competent ?( very important )

Monday, March 7, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

Today im speaking to you about something that is not as exciting as sales tips but very important if you want to build up your clientele !!!

I ask you one question are you competent ? do you think of your pocket before the client ? are you doing your best to satisfy him ? Is your client happy when he leaves your bisness ? these are the questions you got to ask yourself !!!! Here are the four steps for a happy client that says if you are competent !

A) After you know what he wants do you try to get him the price he wants ? or do you say : thats gonna give me only this much why bother ?( if you go the extra mile he will tell all his friends about you !!! ( that equals more money of course !)

B) If you don t have it  do you say: well the competitor as it you should look there ( did you at least try ? ) ( don t do that it is too frustuating ) he will not be back !

C) Before talking did you learned your stuff completely ? a client want a person that knows what he is talking about !

D) last but not least it is 8 : 50 client walks in you closed at nine , you had a awfull day ! do you serve him or you say : well i have some but can t find them right now just come back !!! ( not good to do ) the client will say man i doesn t care about me !!!! i really wanted this ( not good !!! )

conclusion :  in this world i know sometimes bosses want you to work harder for less so we tend to say why would i do more (fuck it !!)sound familiar not a good way to build up your clientele !

Do your best take care i little more and maybe the bisness wold would be a better place !!!

from : beny and the jets !!

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