Keeping the interest ( sales tips )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In our way there are always helpfull trick to keeping a client interested in your product !!!

As we all know clients craves in our time the info they want good price and a good product !!

But there is always a way of keeping the interest of the client

 A) always keep some information they might need exemple on the internet you have already replied his request on price and info , you send him another e mail saying  :  Did you know i got a new model and it s better and cheapper call me or come and see me !!! ( got to be done after 1 week max !! )

 B) another  thing to remember  some clients wants in a good used one , if you know a client that  wants to sell you his keep his name after  you send an e- mail to the one that needs a good use and you say:  i just got info that one of my clients wants to sell his !!!!( he will call you back faster than a speeding bullet !!)

C) the key word is always being true to them and to yourself , if you are he will call you back why because the others was not !!

like i always say ( M.T.G.D ) gd  making today a great day  !!






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