True salesman !!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
posted by Benoit Gravel

In this world there is less and less true salesman !!

My word of advice for you is simple  : there are  five steps

 A)  be truthfull :  you listen to your client and say it as it is !!

b) ask him the correct questions  example : really sir between you and me what is really your budjet not what everybody tells you it  worth what do you really wanted to pay !! why i ask simple because  i want to give you exaclty what you need and if possible at your price ( HE WILL TELL YOU IT GARANTEE  !!! )


c) know your competition by heart ( their prices, the product itself ALL OF IT !! ) people craves knowledge they want to better themselve

d) sell them what they need not what your making more money on  ( if the guy wants  a  toyota don t try to sell them a Cadillac !!)

e) At the end he got to consider you as a friend not a salesman ( a good salesman will help him and if he will reffer  you to his friends and  people arround him  he will say  ( hey that ( your name ) he is a great guy he really  knows his stuff he is the best in is field !!!!

Its hard to get a more and more clients  : word to mouth to talk about you to all their suroundings but with these steps ( you will be the greatest thing since slice bread !!! )

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